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Disperse swelling and relieve pain. Open the orifices and enliven the spirit.

Indications:(Calculated by amount of raw material)
Headache, Sprain, Tendons and bone pain, Muscle Aches, Neck and shoulder pain, Sore waist and aching back.

Active Ingredients:(Calculated by amount of raw material)
Mentholum, Camphor(Racemic), Oleum Eucalypti, Borneolum Syntheticum, Methyl Salicylate.

Dosage and Method of Usage:
(Massage the effected area three to five times a day, until it is healed up)
Finding the point of pain: use the thumb to find the most painful point. Apply 2-3 drops of WUT LOK OIL on the affected area and massage with the thumb tip for 15-20 minutes. Avoid excessive pain to patient during treatment and keep massaging until the medicated oil is penetrated completely into the affected area.

Packing Specification:
Each box 1 bottle, Each bottle 50 ml (Liniment)

For external application only. Use cautiously during pregnancy and breast-feeding. If adverse reaction is found after product application, you should seek treatment from a doctor accordingly. (For details, please refer to the insert)