About Wing Hong Medicine

Wing Hong Medicine Company was established in 1983.  All of our Chinese medical products are broadly used in various medical institutions. After 35 years of striving for constant technique improvement. We owns and operates Hong Kong Wing Hong Pharmaceutical at Tuen Mun. We carried out through the whole process of production.  All are products are assured of quality, safety and efficacy and manufacturing process is fully safely, enabling enhancements to be effected in both product quality and production efficiency. With many years of experience, Wing Hong has become one of the most trust-worthy partners. All products has established research centres in Hong Kong, Canada, North America and Asia.

Hong Kong Wing Hong Pharmaceutical Limited was established in Tuen Mun Hong hong . All areas in the factory are monitored by computerised systems. We have established standard procedures for handling materials and products. Our procedures are designed to ensure that the materials and products are properly received, stored, distributed and delivered in order to prevent any cross-contamination and mix-up of Chinese herbal extracts and Chinese medicine products. Our manufacturing operations follow clearly defined standard production procedures. we also engage independent third party laboratories to perform safety tests on our finished products, ensuring local and international compliance. Every batch of our products must pass the safety tests of heavy metals, toxic elements, pesticide residues and microbial limits before they can be released into the market, thereby guaranteeing its reliability and safety.

We are capable of offering contract manufacturing services such as tablets, capsules, pills, softgels, suppositories.