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It is an exclusive combination of natural Chinese herbal includes 18 kinds of ingredients ;It contains the Coriolus, Cuscutae Semen, Lycii Fructus, Artemisiae Scopariae, Paeoniae Radix Alba, Polygoni Cuspidati Rhizoma Et Radix which designed to strengthen liver and help protect the liver. This is manufactured in Hong Kong.

Function :
Coriolus : invigorate and nourishing the liver
Cuscutae Semen : invigorate the liver and kidney
Lycii Fructus: nourishing liver and kidney
Artemisiae Scopariae Herba : disperse the damp and heat
Paeoniae Radix Alba : nourish the liver to relieve pain, stabilize commodity for the yang of the liver.
Polygoni Cuspidati Rhizoma Et Radix: clear away heat and toxic materials, desslpating blood stasis stop pain.

Coriolus, Astragali Radix, Salviae Miltiorrhizae Radix Et Rhizoma, Codonopsis Radix, Citri Sarcodactylis Fructus, Atractylodis Macrocephalae Rhizoma, Aurantii Fructus, Glycyrrhizae Radix Et Rhizoma, Cuscutae Semen, Isatidis Radix , Herba Hedyotidis , Polygoni Cuspidati Rhizoma Et Radix, Artemisiae Scopariae Herba, Crataegi Fructus, Lycii Fructus , Poria , Artemisiae annuae Herba, Paeoniae Radix Alba.

Directions and Dosage:
For Treatment: 2 times daily, 2 capsules each time.
For Prevention:2 times daily, 1 capsule each time.
(or as directed by physician)

24 capsules-Each box 1 bottle, Each bottle 24 capsules, Each capsule 0.3g
6 Bottle:Each box 6 boxes,Each small box 1 bottle, Each bottle 24 capsules, Each capsule 0.3g.

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